Keeping the needle on the redline has its perks but rest is as important as the efforts itself.

After Ciucas, there’s little to no willpower left to get back in training – it’s been almost 3 weeks and I’ve run less than 50k in total.

The concept of periodization has 3 components: preparatory phase, competitive phase and transition phase. Right now I’m at the last one, recovering – and I’m actually enjoying it. After this weird season, I had to work two times harder just to stay on track and keep going.

Now that it is done and looking forward into 2021, I have little to no belief things will be brighter.

Talking with Robert shed some light onto my next goal for September 2021, shifting between Ciucas (again) and TOR.

It’s happening, motherfucker! Buckle up! – the dude’s MIA but I’m sure he’ll be back.

I still have no clue where this will take me. Even writing this post has proven a slightly harder effort than anticipated.